A visit to Poe’s Baltimore

From Doug Metz

D. W. Metz

Over the weekend I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the house and gravesite of Edgar Allen Poe in Baltimore. It was an amazing experience to be within the house where he transitioned from a poet to a short fiction writer.

The brick home, then numbered 3 Amity St.,[4] and now numbered 203 North Amity Street, is assumed to have been built in 1830 and rented by Poe’s aunt Maria Clemm in 1832. Clemm was joined in the home with her ailing mother, Elizabeth Cairnes Poe, and her daughter Virginia Clemm. Edgar Allan Poe moved in with the family in 1833[4] around the age of 23, after leaving West Point. Virginia was 10 years old at the time; Poe would marry her three years later, though their only public ceremony was in 1836. Poe lived in the house from about 1833 to 1835. (source: Wikipedia)

Some of his works…

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