Purging the Demon

From one of the best writers. A must read.

D. W. Metz

I still feel the burn some times. I look down at my wrist and feel a fire burning under my skin. The scars have long healed over, at least the ones you could see on the outside. Some times there’s a trigger and it doesn’t take much to make me remember. Some times there is no trigger, just that burning sensation under my skin. There’s a demon trapped in there. A demon that every day tries to get out. Some days he barely fights me. Some days it’s all I can do to keep him inside and not open up that old wound once and for all to let him out.
I remember the first time he almost won. I was twelve.
I was sitting in English class. I don’t remember what piece we were discussing. I’d been tuning out a lot lately, lost in a world of shadows day…

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